Services and Protocols

Since 2015, Doinn selects the best local professional cleaning and linen companies in each city for you to have instant access to them.
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Linen rental
Turnover cleaning

Turnover cleaning for short-term rentals.

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Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning and for short-term rentals and co-livings.

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Mid-stay cleaning

Mid-stay cleaning for hosts, guests and tenants.

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Part-time cleaners

One-stop solution to all of your cleaning needs.

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Linen laundry

Instant book and automate linen laundry with your cleaning services and ensure maximum comfort for your guests.

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Linen rental

Access to sheet and towel rental services with laundry for your short-term rental homes and lodgings. Ensure maximum comfort for your guests.

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Amenity kits

Provide kitchen and bathroom toiletries for your guests in every turnover and wow them up.

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