What are we doinn?

All-in-one housekeeping operations and services platform.

Why are we doinn it?

The Seed of DOINN was planted in 2014 after a world trip with nights spent in vacation rentals. The founders quickly noticed that many of the accommodations they stayed at were not up to their standards, and saw an opportunity to improve the quality and comfort of local accommodation through technology and hotel cleaning providers.

Since then, Doinn has developed into a comprehensive platform that helps property managers and cleaning and laundry companies to respond effectively to all operational needs related to local accommodation. In addition, it provides detailed analytics so users can better understand how customers are interacting with their properties which allows them make informed decisions about new hires, best parctices, etc..

Who is doinn this?

The Doinners are a team of dreamers and doers

A balanced and diverse team of professionals with complementary skills and perspectives that support each other towards our OKRs.
We celebrate and support diversity, and we thrive on it for the benefit of the team, our products and our community.

Why Doinn

Productivity Tools & Intelligent Analytics that turn your goals into reality

  • Quality Assurance

    Control processes and digital tools that assure results. Get free of the subjectivity and opinions in your interactions, and use our transparent data as your proof of work and quality performance-based system for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating service delivery.

  • Human Capital / Labor

    Performance track made it easy. Identify top-performance employees (time & costs) to learn, compensate and implement efficient processes. Attract and retain talent, give the team a chance to try new things and expand their skills constantly based on data.

  • Omni – Communications

    Never miss a spot of information. Easily track any message across all the properties. With one person or in a group, enjoy the messaging system tagging users, services, or properties to make your message clear. Allow team members to read and write in their own language with our instant translation tools.

  • Logistics

    Visibility and planning contribute to the overall agility of logistics. Get the field teams to respond to unforeseen issues and implement solutions with speed and accuracy. Automatically update supply counts when tasks and work-orders are completed.

  • Time Optimization

    Intelligent dispatch and time optimization for frontline teams. Job workflows based on Doinn 5 elements formula: where, when, what, how and who. Assign work to your team and/or to outsourced teams.

  • Financials

    Endless features to grow and scale your business Get a helicopter view to make informed decisions with a custom dashboard, operations charts, and reports. All in one place for one or many cities for one or many clients and or providers

  • Data dashboards

    Increase visibility with data dashboards. Optimize performance & maximize revenue with a full scope of real-time insights and predictable operations and data intelligence, for quality, stocks, HR, communications, logistics and financials

  • Real-time service status

    Get a bird’s eye from every single job to the entire overview with the real-time jobs status and cleaning reports. Maximize revenue with the smart job dispatching system and track in real-time the status of every service.

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