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Deliver exceptional guest and tenant experiences through automated housekeeping, maintenance and staff management. Centralize all your housekeeping management in one platform. Save time and money while improving quality and team efficiency.


Connect everyone

One plug and play solution to organize and co-operate with all customers, service providers and internal teams. Over 50+ integrations & data imports. Optimize staff management with comprehensive tracking, payroll, and timesheet functionalities


Automate everything

Leverage the market’s best scheduling tool with smart automation based on reservations or recurring dates. Plan your next day operations in just 10 min with intelligent scheduling and drag&drop rostering and dispatching tools.


Elevate everyday

Boost and elevate your service level quality and business efficiency while managing and executing your day-to-day operations in auto-pilot. Quality assurance tools and inspections to improve field teams efficiency.


Predict everyway

Monitor crucial business KPI with the best data insights. Control all work in real-time. Forecast up to 2 months of logistics and financials. Know your numbers with visual data charts and indicators as you never seen before!


Buy professional services

Maximize efficiency by outsourcing professional cleaning, laundry, and linen rental services, ideal to short-term rental operators and co-livings. Delegate tasks to trusted experts and concentrate on business growth.


Sell more professional services

Boost sales and achieve instant digital transformation with our powerful tools. Streamline workflows, make informed decisions, and thrive in a dynamic market with data-driven insights, driving your success.

Do more with Doinn

The all-in-one housekeeping operation platform has the solution for what you want to do, whether you are a property manager or a cleaning company.

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The best companies trust Doinn

Thanks to Doinn we don’t use WhatsApp groups any more! It used to be a deep black hole of mixed information. Doinn desktop and mobile app helped us elevate out service quality. I use it on the computer and the cleaner’s adoption was surprisingly fast and seamless.

Taylor Smith, COO, The Green Project

I really didn’t have the energy and the time to recruit and coach cleaners, again and again, so outsourcing the service to professional companies is what works better for me and I have no doubt Doinn’s providers are the main reason for our national growth.

Giacoma Trovato, CEO, La vita è bella

We’ve seen big efficiency gains with Doinn by having all the PMS and clients in the same place, completing tasks, reporting detailed issues, and pushing work orders back into their system. This improved workflow saves us time and money, and generating more sales with less administration support.

Rob Fraiser, Managing Director, Brightbnb

We love Doinn flexibility, their tech allows me to manage the cleaning services in several cities, some are done by our team of cleaners and some are outsourced to their cleaning partners. As an international property manager, there is no other solution better than Doinn.

Isidro García, COO, The Oasis plan

It’s just a lot easier to deal with the linen rental and the toiletries stocks with Doinn, I now spend 15 fewer hours each week reviewing and calculating our stock needs and have more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Rob Fraiser, Managing Director, Brightbnb

Doinn has a variety of tools to mitigate bias and incentivize employees based on meritocracy.

Aleksandra Bielik, Founder, Vitalis Villas

I have a great view and control of the operational part of the properties we manage, from my phone and even when I’m out of the office.

Steve Miller, Founder, Richmond Homes

My job is to scale our business across the region and I could not achieve my mission without awesome Gorana from Doinn by my side. They grow because we grow and we grow because they understand well the meaning of being partners.

Jaime Liu, Chief Growth Officer, Happy Place

I’m in the industry for almost 6 years, more than 5 working with Doinn. I can´t believe we were able to work with the WhatsApp groups at the beginning. Doinn´s chat and real-time status tools were a wonderful game-changer.

Beatriz Lase, Operations Manager, Bemate

Sustainability starts with us but requires time that I can’t afford right now. Outsourcing the services with Doinn gives me peace of mind about quality and sustainability.

Aleksandra Bielik, Founder, Vitalis Villas

We are a data-centric company, Doinn’s reports are one of the most important tools for my business.

Maks Radovski, Founder, Sweet Spot

We have teams of cleaners in 7 cities thanks to Doinn, with zero acquisition cost and no effort, and the team loves the app!

Julie Mokkom, Founder, CleanXperts

We’ve seen big efficiency gains with Doinn by having all the PMS and clients in the same place, completing tasks, reporting detailed issues, and pushing work orders back into their system. This improved workflow, saves us time and money.

Rob Fraiser, Managing Director, Brightbnb

Leveraging forecasting tools, takes or planning to the next level, predicting future trends and potential challenges before they arise.

Simon Lee, COO, Angel Central

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Doinn App
Centralise all the messages in the app and filter by client, cleaner, service or property. Seamless inform the status of each service, maintenance alerts and request extra time or linen when need it.

AI translation tools

Enable cleaners to read and write in their own prefered language though the APP. Get a competitive advantage hiring diverse teams cleaners able to performe accurated quality reports.

Automate and optimise your property operations by integrating your PMS -property management software- with Doinn.

Services & Protocols
Since 2015, Doinn selects the best local professional cleaning and linen companies in each city for you to have instant access to them.