Part-time cleaners

One-stop solution to all of your cleaning needs

One-time and recurring cleaning available

Includes professional cleaning products and supplies (not equipment).

May include laundry of bed and bath linen.

May include rental of bed and bath linen.

May include kitchen and / or bathroom guest amenities.

Includes service alerts for maintenance issues, items forgotten by guests and damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why shouldn’t I just get an individual cleaner?

  • What YOU get with Doinn?

  • Will my cleaners know how to clean short-term rentals?

  • Who are Doinn housekeepers?

  • Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

  • Can I trust the cleaner?

  • Does the service include cleaning products?

  • Can I request a more in-depth cleaning?

  • Can I request a cleaning post-construction / post-renovation job?

  • For what time can I schedule a housekeeping service?

  • Are my cleaning services always performed by the same team?

  • If a different team comes to clean my house, will I have to explain everything again?

  • How long will the cleaning take?

  • How do you pick up the keys for a housekeeping service?

  • I will use Doinn cleaning and check-in services – is one set of keys enough?

  • What happens with the key after it is used?

  • What if the cleaners mess up?

  • How do you ensure quality?

  • How soon in advance do I need to schedule?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • I’m ready to start, how do I schedule my first cleaning?

  • Can I give you a custom checklist to follow?

  • Do you always arrive at the scheduled time?

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